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Hootie Hoo!

Geechie Gurl, Inc. is a  non-profit organization that assists individuals and other charitable organizations acquire resources necessary to strengthen family life and support career/educational goals. Geechie Gurl steps in when there is outstanding evidence of trying to be self sufficient. 
"If I can't serve, then I don't deserve. We're not trying to save the world. The world will save itself when EVERY person helps one person."
Erica Alcox, CEO/Founder
.What does Geechie Gurl, Inc do? In life, sometimes we need a helping hand UP and not a hand OUT. Geechie Gurl, Inc. is that organization that steps in to assist when there is strong evidence that an effort has been made to be self-sufficient. We believe in being proactive and not reactive. With training youth and adults how to identify factors affecting their success, we are able to give them the ability to make better informed decisions, obtain skills that improve their employability, and increase their level of productivity.

.Why do we bother? This world is not as big as you think it is…especially with the technology that’s available to us in the palm of our hands! We are one unit and the actions of some affects the environment of many. Just as my grandmother and my ancestors depended on and helped each other to survive on Cherokee Plantation, we must follow suit and build each other up today. “Plantation Love” just makes sense. One person with one pail of water joined by several more makes the difference between a muddy ditch and a beautiful, tranquil lake for all to enjoy.

So it doesn’t matter if you are from Charleston, SC or British Columbia…Boston, Mass. or Laos….New Orleans or Tibet. Teamwork will ALWAYS make the dream work!

~Wha gwine on?~
Spontaneously recorded at "The Next Cool Event" Atlanta, GA Feb 2012
Text the word GEECHIE to 55469
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